Wine Appetite for Women – On a High!

Wine buying is no longer a male domain. With the changing trends and modifying ideologies, women, gradually, are matching the pace of men, in every aspect. Even in a well reputable restaurant, while ordering for wine, the waiter puts the wine list in the center of the table, rather than handing it out to the male customer.

It’s not our guess or observation about this, but through the Nielson survey conducted from August 2009 to July 2010 as well as recent surveys by the Wine Market Council and Vinexpo, it concluded that women are up-and-coming as the main wine buyers as well as drinkers domestically.

Women and Wine

Here are few pointers that surveys stated which surprised most of us:

* In Australia, among 18 and above aged populace, 56.6% women are wine drinkers. The surveys done in Britain and US shows that eight out of 10 and six out of 10 respectively, purchases are made by women.
* Whereas the red wine looks very elegant and tastes delicious, men prefer it more than women.
* Where most of the populace has the notion that on a first date women get impressed and attractive towards the men who have knowledge of wines, it turns out that to be myth. Only 35 percent agree that having the knowledge of wines makes opposite sex more attractive, whereas 81 per cent of women disagree with it.
* Though women have the purchasing power of wine, where on other hand the survey reveals that over 60 per cent men than women are confident about picking up right bottle for special occasions.
* Over 54% of American men believe that wine is an elegant and sophisticated drink.
* Though wine is also known has a healthy drink, the surveys done in America reveals that many Americans believe that a glass of wine after a stressful day helps to relax.

The survey mainly was accomplished on behalf of Vinexpo, creditworthy organization that is the largest wine trade fair in the world. It holds fairs every year in Bordeaux, France, but currently segregates itself twice a year with Asia’s wine center, Hong Kong. In 2009, Vinexpo accredited alike research concerning wine drinking and women but on a global foundation, covering other cities like Japan, New York, Paris, London and Berlin. The results of the 2010 survey in Asia revealed approximately the similar results about drinking predilection, purchasing assessments and the wine image. The survey also reveals that most of the women think wine as a healthful drink, which pair swell with food, as well as an elegant lifestyle preference.

Developments may speed up if women pay attention to the results of an up to date study of 20,000 women more than 13 years by Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Aren’t Women on a high, with regards to Women? Bet, they are!